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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 30, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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se tv. just $29 a month for six months. plus for a limited time, get hbo and cimax free for three months. you can even upgrade to or 130 hd channels. that's so cool. i know. [ female announcer ] see it. believe it u-rse tv. ♪ >> good evening. the illegal immigrant scandal that suddenly engulfed meg pwhit man campaign for governor taking new turn tonight. attorney representing a house keeper who worked for the candidate has now revealed what she calls the smoking
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letter. letter that whitman had said did not exist. political reporter mark matthe matthews with day 2 of this controversy. >> gloria allred held up a giant size cope of the letter from the social security administration 2003 letter dressed to meg whitman and her husband asking them for clarification about their housekeeper social security number. the agency letter said the housekeeper name and number didn't match. earlier in the day whitman had repeatedly denied ever receiving it. >> neither my husband nor i received any letter from the social security administration. we never saw that letter. >>reporter: if it was sent said whitman the housekeeper probably kept it from them. >> i meap i have no other explanation for it because we never saw the letter. nicky did bring in our mail and sort the mail. >> meg whitman should be ashamed and embarrassed. >>reporter: gloria allred the attorney for whitman former housekeeper told reporters a handwritten note at the bottom of the government form is from
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meg whitman's husband to the housekeeper asking her to check this. this afternoon whitman' husband dr. harsh issued this statement saying it is possible that i would have scratched a follow-up note on a letter like this which is a request for information to make certain nicky received her social security benefits. witness man campaign says harsh had no reason to suspect the house keep her was ill legal. they had hired her through the town and country employment agency in palo alto and had a a driver's license and social security card and w 4 form and papers the housekeeper had signed under penalty of perjury that she was in the country legally. whitman says it's a smear campaign and nothing mor more. >> jerry brown this is how he operates. how career politician operate. this is what they do. >>reporter: whitman pointed to 2003 when attorney allred called another press conference the day before the recall election and introduced a movie stunt woman who claimed she had been roped by governor schwarzenegger. a da a spokesperson for brown told reporters two weeks ago they
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should ask her about hiring illegal immigrant. spokesperson said he was passing along rumor and declined to identify his source. whitman points to spanish language levision ad that began airing today. ad sponsored by the teacher union includes the latest information about whitman housekeeper. all of it is sparking questions to gloria allred about brown's involvement. >> unequivocal 100 percent about no. i have not spoken with anyone in the brown campaign. the no one has spoken with me from the brown campaign. >>reporter: brown campaign declined our request for on camera interview with jerry brown today. his next scheduled public appearance will be saturday at the debate in fresno. you can bet this controversy will be front and center. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. huge pile of pot will never end up on the street. special task force today carried out huge marijuana raid in eastern contra costa county. operation netted millions of dollars in
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pot hidden amid rows of corn in brentwood. laura has the the story. >>reporter: nearly 15,000 pot plant that's how many multi-agency narcotic task force pulled from a corn field near brentwood n.all about 30 million dollars worth of mayor what is your profession was hidden within rows of corn spaced about 10 feet apart to draw water from the farm irrigation system. cindy near by oil wood resort where police began staging the raid early this morning. >> when i got here this morning i was thinking why is there like 25 cars in our parking lot without trailers. what is going on. >>reporter: once the plant were pulled from the corn field a helicopter lifted them on to a trailer. >> all day long there has been constant helicopters pulling out massive amounts of pot plants from palm track over there. probably the 6 feet tall by 8 or 10 feet wide probably every 20 minutes. >>reporter: police found
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encampment for 4 people but they ran before officers could get to the pot grow. half mile from the nearest road. john williams was fishing with friends nearby. >> we fish out here all the time and could have been right over our shoulder and had no clue. i'm sure they the i guess they gnaw what they were doing until today. >>reporter: officers didn't make any arrest but did question nearby residents. at one point during the bust the resident that the property told us police handcuffed them searched their homes and then relessed them when police found no evidence related to the pot. once all the plants were harvested the pot filled trailer was the covered with a tarp and escort from the area by 2 marked police car. >> hawj trailer roll out of here full of marijuana hanging over the sides and we were all kind of shocked. >>reporter: it's a trailer witnesses told abc 7 carried distinctive smell as it drove away. near brentwood, abc 7 news. >> the there was a packed public hearing at the alameda school board tonight. packed because oaf proposal to
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close-up to half its schools. school beard is looking to save 5 million dollars upcoming school year. list of proposed cut including closing a high school and 4 elementary school schools. any of those in attendance tonight believe there just has to be a better solution. >> first thought i think the proposal go from problematic to ludicrous. >> time to be united. we all got different ways to approach it but consider the children and the teachers. these people work their behind off. >>reporter: district officials say that many cuts will not be needed if voters aproof a parcel tax in march to support local schools. trustee will vote on the proposed school cut and consolidation plan on december 14th. sky mean time san jose unified school district taking contracts particular action of its own. it's imposing week long furlough starting monday. every school and district business office will be closed for 5 days. all employees must
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take 5 if you recall low days and parents, they have to make other arrangement for their children. >> having to figure out things at home with them since they are off the whole week i don't want them to miss out. figure out what they have to do. it is a financialal hardship for a lot of teachers. myself as well. >> had we not done this teachers would have been layed off. we would have had a massive teacher lay off without this. >>reporter: so after this week long furlough classes resume on monday october the 11th. >> quarter million people nationwide will likely lose their jobs soon. multi-billion dollar federal stimulus program which 37 states use to hire the unemployed is ending andless of program means the loss of funding for more than 4000 jobs in san francisco alone. carolyn has that story. >> this is the last day of work for samantha. >> very sad. i'm kind of scared. a little scared, too. >>reporter: her paycheck at
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the san francisco company internet archives was paid for by federal stimulus dollars. just like the salary of 144 other employees here. that money dried up today because congress failed to act. the company director hopes he can afford to keep some of the workers. >> we are trying to scurry around and find emergency funding to keep people going for a short amount of time. hopefully that will give congress a chance to rethink their decision. >> san francisco channel 50 to 60 million of the federal dollars into a program it created called jobs now. since may of 2009 800 employers hired more than 4000 people. all of them out of work parents. >> it is an outrage really is that this is allowed to expire when it has prove to be the most successful stimulus program. >>reporter: the owner of the dry cleaner says having some of his worker salary paid by the federal government has helped him double his revenue.
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>> instead of hiring a new customer service person that we are paying for we were able to get jobs now to offset that money. that money we cap reinvest to growing our business. >>reporter: they hired 5 employee through the jobs now program. all of them including these 2 women many will be staying on. >> not a lot of people looking for jobs and can't find them. so i'm very grateful. >>reporter: the mayor believes at least half of the jobs now workers will last their jobs but the -- by the first of the year and hoping to use 9 million in city funds to offer incentive to businesses to keep hiring. but that will come too late for samantha. this is carolyn tyler abc 7 news. surprise announcement from the white house tonight. president obama met with sarah short and mother of the other 2 hikers still being held by iran. president stressed white house will do everything it can to secure the release of shane bauer and josh and in a
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statement he says the u.s. remains hopeful that iran will demonstrate renewed compassion and release the 2 americans. >> but tonight the attorney for play of the night boys say they are due to appear before a judge in iran on november 6. nicknamed the hanging june. recently sentenced iran canadian an blogger to 19 years in prison. >> hours of unrest in equador appears to be over. soldiers firing concussion grenade and automatic weapon tonight rescued the country president. is president appeared on the balcony of the presidential palace shortly after his release to address the crowd. he had been trapped for 12 hours in the hospital where he was treated after being tear gassed earlier in a confrontation with police. reports say at least one person is dead and 6 people injured after the protest. police were
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rebell against a law that would cut their benefits. more to get to this thursday night. life on other planet. new reason to be optimistic. tell what you scientist have found. >> plus back on this planet. the why gangs will have to find >> plus back on this planet. the why gangs will have to find new turf in san francisco. >> san francisco boys of summer take another giant step toward the play offs. >> accu-weather forecast center. cooling has begun but do you know just how cool it is going to get? well i'll tell you in the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up. >> also tonight. great great heist. farmer goes to check open the grape crop and it's all gone. the thieves get away red handed. news
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from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with hisery own eyes. we even linked our citibank accounto his so when hiaccount ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the nguage isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accnts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's yr story? citibank can help you write it. >> police need your help identifying a robber targeting women at atm. we have surveillance picture of 2 robbery. both women were robbed at the same chase bank atm on capitol expressway in san jose. robber comes up hyped the victims with a knife and puts the arm around the neck demand the money and then runs off. women were not hurt thank goodness. >> san francisco judge today slapped a gang injunction
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against 2 groups accused of a is visitationers in the city. valley. and as vick lee reports, this injunction severely limits where and when these gang members can gather. >> the church sign reads we are here for you. so was this the if bullet that tore through the sign this church is at sunny dale the line that separates 2 warring gang. tower side and dbg or down below gangsters. police say they have murdered at least 10 people in the past three years. robert cowan is the church pastor. >> often bullet fly right in front of the church so we are familiar with it. >>reporter: this group came to the courthouse this morning. >> court granted gang injunction. do you have any response? any response guys? they wouldn't identify themselves but it was clear they had an interest in the outcome. this is a gang injunction safety zone and visitation valley. the dbg
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claims it rules the sunny dale housing project. tower site turf on the east. 42 of the gang members can no longer associate together or engage in gang activity here. this is san francisco fourth gang injunction since 2006. the first was against the oak dale mob bay view hunter point which produced this self prosecute moteling video. statistics from the city attorney office reveal that since the injunction almost half of the gang members have had no arrest in the city. but bay view activist joshua says the court orders are racially motivated. >> people are tv lulled into thinking that if you remove the public housing population that then you somehow will heal anand rae move all the problems will be solved. >>reporter: city attorney dennis hererra says most of the gang members don't even live in the city. >> you have people that are commuting into the city and county of san francisco to carry out their elicit activity
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within the area of these safety zones. >>reporter: we spoke to neighbor and merchant who told us they welcome anything that would stop the violence but none would go on camera for fear of repriceals. repric repriceals. like this. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> all right let's move on. talk about the weather forecast as we reach october. >> yes. >> certainly feels like fall spencer. >> financially. heat is gone. for awhile i assume. and getting cooler outside f.on shore flow. live view from the high definition roof top camera looking back at the sky line of san francisco and despite the presence of low cloud and fog we can actually see much of the sky line right now. but we have the low clouds and fog and cooling. here's a lack at the current temperature readings 58 degrees right now in san francisco. 57 in novato and a half moon bay. 63 degrees and mid to upper 60's in some of the inland area and these are the highlights so we have fog near the coast and around the
9:18 pm
bay tonight. temperatures continue to drop friday through sunday. sunday is the coolest day in our 7 day forecast period. here's close-up satellite image of how things look this aftnoon. fog pressing up against the coast line. sunny sky inland. this was a rather shallow area. still not very deep. but still provided nice cooling influence for election along the coast and inland area as well. in fact cooling will continue. satellite radar compass it image shows us low pressure system off the coast of southern california that kicked up pretty impressive thunderstorms with numerous lightning strike this afternoon mainly down near the san diego area. you can see the activity tapered off a bit but still unstable conditions, opportunity stable weather there mane while many we have this cold air mass moving in our direction. cold front push in over the weekend by sunday bring us much cooler conditions so the cooling will continue right 0on through the weekend into early next week. overnight tonight low pressure drop down to 48 degrees at half moon bay. 49 up at santa rosa. low 50's in other location of
9:19 pm
the north bay and mid to upper 50's over remainder of the bay area then tomorrow looking at high pressure in the south bay under sunny skies. right around or just above 80 degre degrees. 80 at san oh, say. 81 at campbell. 79 at santa clara. high from upper ask is to mid 70's but only upper 50's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. in san francisco and around san francisco 59 degrees will be the high in the sun set district. 63 degrees downtown and north bay high will range mainly from mid 70's to mid 80's but we may see 93 up in cue could i a and near clear lake. san leandro and over the hill into the east cityp mainly 84 at concord, 86 brentwood and monterey book 71 at santa cruz and we'll see mid 80's inland
9:20 pm
at gilroy and morgan hill. here's the 7 day forecast as i mention earlier inland high will reach only into the upper 70's on sunday. barely up to about 70 around the bay and mid squis on the coast and temperatures climb and warmer conditions by mid next week no hate waive just early october warmth. >> great time of year. thanks very much. >> coming up. toast tonight from arnold schwarzenegger. what is putting the governor into a mool to celebrate. >> life on other planet. well main maybe this one. stay with us. mor line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta getto clevela! should have skipped at second soda. remove your belt, your watch, yr shoes. i wonder what gas costs today.
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bin clean energy, to jump-start cour small busisses with tax credits and loans, to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbarboxer and i approve this message because i want tsee the words "made in america" again. >> vice president biden is flying that the bay area tonight attend ago fundraiser for congressman in oakland
9:24 pm
tomorrow morning ahead of the election. >> president obama will make it official tomorrow. you have heard the talk probably. chief of staff immanuel is leaving the white house to run for mayor of chicago. top white house aide pete rouse will take over for immanuel. >> astronomer are buzzing fwhit a new planet that they found. it's called the goldilocks planet. not too far from nor too close to the sun but just right in order to support life. the team studying the new world includes local scientist. we explain why there might be alien life there. >> this is an artist rendering of new planet about the size of earth existing in a solar system smaller and tighter than ours. planet circle a star tantamount to our sun called glooes 5 81 and sitting pretty in what astronomers call the habitable zone. not too hot or not too cold. >> this is really the first
9:25 pm
planet that is roughly the right size and just at the right distance to have liquid water on the surface. >>reporter: liquid water of course is the key to life. still we can't be sure yet it is there. the team who discovered the planet include a sign activist from uc santa cruz. dr. steven vote says the planet does not rotate. the bright side can be as hot as 160 degrees. the dark side as cold as 25 degrees below zero. and there's a sweet spot in the middle. >> so there's a great range of eco-longitude that will create a lot of different niche for different kind of life to evolve. >> what really excites scientist and time and distance are relative here, is that the discovery was made quickly. 11 years. and they consider the star to be close just 20 light years away. dr. john jenkins is a research scientist at the institute in mountain view. in the scheme of the universe this
9:26 pm
planet is virtually next door and one of the next steps will be to listen carefully. >> we'll take stars like this one and put them on our targeted survey for that one telescope and look for radio signal as means to look for for advance life. >>reporter: in pondering the timeless question are we alone? this planet is the first to hint at an earth like answer. in mountain view, abc 7 news. makes you wonder. when we continues here tonight. lowering the volume. >> flame grilled feast. >> congress on the verge now of dialing down those incredibly irritating loud tv commercials. >> red lit camera. radiation safety. those annoying debit card fee. i'm in sacramento the governor weighing in on variety of issues on the final day to act on hundreds of bills. >> you need to turn right. somebody rolling underneath you. >> the new details about a
9:27 pm
chose call at jfk airport. >> could it really be penguin without their customary tux? new evidence the creatures used to be a lot more comfortable. and taller. another half hour to be a lot more comfortable. and taller. another half hour of newhave always lived in the . until two years ago, when my dad transferred to ianbul. they settledn quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. t there's one thing they miss. their belod hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it wld take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi ankyou points can be used for almost anything you chse. at's your story? citi can help you write it. are only one hundred thirty mileapart. they y as well be on different planets. sacranto, mismanaged, ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay. here mewhitman started with 30 people. led them. naged them.
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executed the plan that grew this ma street company to fifteen thousandmployees and made small business dreams come true. to change lifornia let's send meg whitman up theoad... about a hundred and thirty les.
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to change lifornia let's send meg whitman up theoad... >> good evening once again. we start this half hour in sacramento. today marks the final day dead line for governor schwarzenegger to sign or veto piles of bills stawngd open his desk. governor tweeted this picture of his staff and him celebrating the legislative milestone. closer look tonight at some bills that made law and others that did not. here's capitol correspondent annette.
9:31 pm
>>reporter: among the laws governor schwarzenegger has approved is a radiation safety bill. 260 cases just at la cedar sinai alone came to light of patients being over exposed during routine ct scan with ailment like hair loss. another hospital left a baby in the machine an hour instead of a minute. the new law puts better protection in place. >> what has happened is that a at cedar sinai was a wake up call. we believe if the safe guard were in place the tragedy wouldn't have occurred. >> reporter: the governor also gave foster kid in california a break. he extended foster care benefits to age 21 to help them transition to adulthood. >> my foster parents said get out of the house. >>reporter: there has been horror stories about foster kids forced out on their own as soon as they turned 18. increation the likelihood of homeless necessary and crime. the extra benefit give them a chance. >> stigma by our past. think
9:32 pm
because we are foster youth we do bad things. we good to jai jail. we get pregnant. i mean the statistics are against us. >>reporter: governor schwarzenegger also veto some proposal that would have been popular with california ans. >> why would you charge me extra. >>reporter: one would have ban the annoying debit card fee and many arco gas station customers pay extra 45 cents for using a debit card but the governor knicksed the idea saying he's afraid businesses will raise the price for everyone to make up the difference. >> obviously he's not for the little man and the business people. >>reporter: those red light camera that cost more than 400 dollars perfect violation and raced the fine by half where drivers doesn't make complete stop the governor veto that too saying he doesn't want to encourage dangerous driver. some drivers say they are in the surprised since the state needs the money. >> if you veto that amount of money, money coming in to the
9:33 pm
general coffer then you are stopping taxes or money being used for certain things and he doesn't want to do that. so as a result is it right? no. >>reporter: but the one thing the governor should be signing and isn't is the state budget. the legislature hasn't sent him one yet. now going months late. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> legislation to turn down the volume on the loud tv commercials looks like it will soon become law. late last night before adjourning the senate passed a bill requiring the fcc to regulate the volume of television ads. >> universal jess tuvrment introducing -- >>reporter: the bill moves on to the house which passed similar legislation last year. congresswoman from san mateo is the driving force behind that bill. if minor differences can be ironed out between the 2 the measure could be sent to president obama some time in november. also in washington. executives from johnson and johnson testified today on
9:34 pm
capitol hill about what some are calling a phantom recall. investigators say the company sent out contractors to quietly remove its medication from store shelves when it learned that more than 40 of the over the counter drug were his contaminated among the product removed were children month train, tile until and benadryl. a j and j denied knowing anything about the secret recall until recently. >> i since learned from looking at documents there was a retrieval going on. >> this testimony is lacking in credibility. >>reporter: some also criticize the fda today for lax oversight. >> we are learning troubling new details about a very close call at new york kennedy airport earlier this month. one plane departing. one plane arriving and now one experienced air traffic contro controller the speaking out about how bad it really was. jim has the story.
9:35 pm
>> night one vet rap air traffic controller would like to forget. he had just cleared a plane from equador to land on runway at new york jfk airport. >> him if it's very, very routine operation. >>reporter: but that is when the pilot for reasons still unknown turned his 7 67 aircraft filled with passengers towards the wrong runway. instead of 13 left he turned sharply to runway 13 right where a jet blue regional aircraft had started his take off. another pilot waiting to depart alert the tower. >> tower lacks like the guy is trying to land on right. >>reporter: with seconds to spare controllers steve radio the gulf pilot to abort his landing. >>reporter: still not sure the
9:36 pm
pilot understood the controller repeats the emergency order to turn. >> you need to start it immediate right turn. right turn. somebody is rolling underneath you. >> roger. >>reporter: once he turned which sims like a life time but probably is only 10 to 15 seconds later he turns to the right jet blue takes off next to him. >> jfk has deployed new ground radar that is to alert air traffic control tore close call on the runway but on the night of this incident that new equipment was not working. this is abc news new york. >> gunman today ambushed a texas couple sightseeing on the jet ski. one man shot in the head and is presumed dead. his wife was not hit and managed to escape. it happened on the mexican side of falcon lake. that is a dam section of the rio on the border between mexico and united states. authorities do not know why the gunmen started shooting but it is not the first time it has happened in that area. the all right now to
9:37 pm
france. sounds impossible. entire vineyard stolen in the dead of night. whole thing. thieves broke into a vineyard and harvested the entire crop of cabernet grapes. the thieves took advantage of a full moon using a harvesting machine to snatch up to 30 tons of grapes. there have been similar grape theft in that region before. one expert is blame ago gang of wine mafia. farm owner says he lost a year work worth about 20,000 dollar dollars. he says his vineyard is insured but not the grape so he's out. let's hope that doesn't happen in our can wine country. >> when we come back. young athlete born without ears. how bay area doctor able to construct one for him. bay area doctor able to construct one for him. >> i'm trying all the time >> and remembering actor tony curtis. back in a moment >> and remembering actor tony
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ism we make sure that you get affordable payment that's locked in for the life of the loan. >>reporter: this scene is expected to play out around the clock for the next 5 days. thousands gather in downtown los angeles today with one goal in mind. save their homes. >> our bank account starting to go down and worry so we want to be in the foreclosure part. >> i retired couple years ago and my house went up and makes it real real tough. >>reporter: non-profit offering homeowner the chance to restructure the loan at lower rate and avoid foreclosure. 5000 people were in line when the doors opened at 8:30 this morning and thousands more expected as the week progresses. >> to medical news. one of a
9:42 pm
kind procedure pioneer by bay area surge changing the life of 11-year-old boy from mexico. he was born without ears. but thanks to the generosity of that plastic surgeon and compassionate donor this young man has what he has always wanted. story tonight from health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> how are you. good to see you. >>reporter: these gold medal are the most valued possession. symbol of his victory in mexico national competition for young gymnast. medal he wants to give to the doctor dr. joseph robertson. they are like gold and he is like gold to me. he was born without ea ears or ear canal. although the middle ear bone and inner ear are intact. >> somewhere this development the ear starting to form or fold and ear canal start to open or die solve that stoyrngs the condition is known as this and typically requires several
9:43 pm
surge troy correct. doctor robertson a plastic surgeon pioneer a way to perform multiple operation the same da day. about 10 hours in surgery working together to create a new ear canal and ear. >> so this will turn down like this. and then the rest of the ear will be here and then the opening of the ear canal is here. >>reporter: something diego and his mom have dreamed of. item a miracle for me. 12 years since i wanted my ears. even if the newly constructed ear might bring him some discomfort t.they say that if i get bit my a mosquito my ear will swell up lake everyone else's. pichbl so nervous about everything but calm because i know he will be in good hands with dr. robertson. early the next morning the surgery begins. first the doctor begins construction of the outer ear. then dr. robertson works to create an ear canal and eventually an ear drum for diego while
9:44 pm
dr. ryan continues his sculp sculpting of the ear. team effort combining 7 surgery into one day. >> are you ready? >>reporter: 4 weeks later diego is ready to have the packing removed. chance to hear for the first time. the fichlt he's had a light cotton ball that's what he hears right now. that's a huge change. what we see over the next several weeks to month that will continue to improve and come up to even better level. >>reporter: he's indebted to both doctor but has another favor to ask. pichlt for them not to forget my other operation. >>reporter: he plans to be back at christmas time for his left ear. which means he will soon hear the roar of the crowd at the gym competition. distraction he welcomes. p.m. [applause] about. >> now carolyn johnson reporting. as you heard diego needs the other ear. if you would like to contribute there is link on our web site tl
9:45 pm
under see it on tv. >> actor tony curtis has died. he had charm and good look and during the 50's and 60's curtis was hollywood favorite playboy. >> part of my job. i'm your supply officer. >> you are a very beautiful girl dr. brown. emancipated man. t.firjs curtis his a serious side. had he a string of aclaimed hits that included an oscar nomination for the defiant one. the. >> from now on the best of everything is good enough for me. you should have got what is coming to you. i can do fetes of magic. >>reporter: tony curtis battled alcohol and drug addiction and lived through 6 marriages and 5 divorces. he died of a heart attack. tony curtis was 85 years old. died of a heart attack. tony curtis was 85 years old. fichlt we'll i want you to
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mm, my water just broke! except i'm at a grery i was ju standing here with a carton of oj, and all of a sudden, it was all over the oor. the water, not the oj. and i'm not near my doctor and i'm not really sure what ihould do... clean up on aisle three! [ inhales deeply ] ugh. [ male announcer ] when thenexpected happens, yoneed a health plan you can trust. 3.4 million californians trust us
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with their health coverage eds. blue shield.
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>> it seems that penguin didn't always boast tuxedo black and what it markings. hunters unearth the remains of giant pre-historic penguin that waddled across the planet 36 million years ago. evidence of feather reveal the bird were once red, brown and gray and unlike modern penguin the 5 foot tall bird lived in the tropics. fossil was found by a student on the coast of peru. all right. let's go back to talk about the weather forecast. a little more penguin friendly weather around here spencer. i lick my penguin in formal wear i have to say. >> exactly right. they would like this weather. better than what we had early in the week. start the forecast with 11:00 o'clock tonight and pushing across the the bay into the atlantic area 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we have wide spread low clouds and fog. then during the early morning
9:50 pm
hours late morning hours the fog will burn back to the coast line and we'll continue to have the on shore flow with the cooling influence and late tomorrow afternoon high pressure only in the 80's warmest inland location. maybe couple spots top out at 90. 70's generally around the bay area and inland area. upper 50's to 60's on the coast. here's let me skip ahead of this and give you the 7 day forecast. there it is right there. we'll have pretty cool weather on sunday. coolest day in the forecast period. high up to 70 around the bay mid 50's on the coast and warming up after that. moderate warmt warmth. >> thankery much. >> fast-food breakfast isn't much but would you eat domino pizza in the morning. domino says it is like kooesh on a crust. but it is still about the bottom line here. domestic in wants time proof sales during the typical non-pizza
9:51 pm
hours between 6 and 9:00 a.m. >> i don't know. >> i'm superiorsed. do i clinch days. last night. >> long time ago. >> sorry. we'll bring back the memory dan. >> this conversation can only get worse from here. i start to go back. will they get it to me in 30 minutes i want my keesh on time. th just one win away from the play offs. thanks to a little pitching and a lot splash down and a little keesh maybe in the pitching and a lot splash down and a little keesh maybe in the morning. sports [ male announcer ] sacramento and silicon valley re only one hundred thirty miles apart. they may as well on different planets.
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@2o change california let send meg whitman up the road... >> coming up tonight at 11:00. family devastated after oakland police shoot their dog. note police left on the front door. we have that story. >> new study that shows the rich are delevoping a big appetite for fast-food. those stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. >> they want the quiche and
9:55 pm
want it now. >> 6:00 a.m. get it to me. want to play off spot and want it now. beat goes on for the jaint one more game. one step closer to play off berth and need the victory this weekend and lock up the crown today against arizona. winless at home in 8 attempt this soap. solid. reynolds swing and myself. hester likewise. goes 5. allow just one run. got the w. sandoval slumping this year but the timing getting be bet. bottom 2. panned a.this is the first homer in over a month. fv tlaechbt of the yea year. race on for the ball. l guy that dives n.he's committe committed. love it. and there's souvenir. 1 nothing giants in the fifth. 1 run game. this turned that like the 27 yankees suddenly with the home run. unbelievable. torres. love him. his 16th.
9:56 pm
buster. come get some. in the sixth. 2 run shot. his 17. jaints win 4-1. 3 up on san diego with 3 to my. magic number is now 1. giants can clinch tomorrow night when they host the padres. >> good feel. we are in a good position. can't really take anything for granted. we all know baseball is a crazy game we have to kilometer out and stay focused to. tomorrow play like it's our last game. that's the key too. >>reporter: if i mention the padres. 3 down with 3 to play here's why. scoreless in the 9th against chicago. brad snyder through the hole. barney scores. it's the theory only run of the game. 1 nil cubs. they took 3 of 4. padres in san diego. coming to town. a's and mariner sums up the season. cleat stuck in the dirt. that's a balk. 1
9:57 pm
nothing a's. see the trouble there. i mean how do you prepare for that? how do you stop it? in the sixth chris carter. wow! what a shot. that's second homer of the year. expect to see a lot more home runs from him next year in the green and gold. a's win by a final of 8-1. ryder cup begins tomorrow in wales. technically midnight california time. over 2 hours. best of the u.s. against the best of europe. opening ceremony took place today. if he's not using the tm this in the opening set of matches. he won the fedex cup surprise there tiger woods paired with steve striker for the u.s. team going head to head if with fisher. go immanuel waking up finding out you are among the best in the world in an event you never tried before. pretty much what happened to young dominic who has a chance to become the long drive king. they call him the
9:58 pm
natural. or the kid. or the machine. or machine gun. couple most ago they didn't call him anything because nobody knew dominic would hit a golf ball like this. he's very good all around athlete. he's a picture on the clayton valley high school baseball tee. 2 handicap on the golf course. big hitter it was suggested he try a long drive and didn't take long for him to make his marm mark. >> after the first paul down the grid i had an epiphany and at that point i knew that there was something really special about this young man. >>reporter: bombed away in pleasanton then qualified in nevada in the world championship with a classical drive of 4 36 yards. only one man has ever hit longer on the course. >> shock. the excitement. everything. i don't know. my
9:59 pm
parents being proud of me. >>reporter: if dominic wins the world championship he will have a difficult decision to make. first prize is 150,000 dollars. domestic may not take the money. >> if he takes the money center golf is over. his first program basically over. all the stuff he has done. >>reporter: dominic is far from done. stay an amateur and keep blowing the old guys away. >> beat you by 35. i have always hit the ball long but never this the i would be able to compete with older guys that are doing this for a living. >>reporter: world title is up for grabs in november. lack out for the kid. >> effortless swing. >> yes. long drive guys are really wrenching at the ball. not him. >>er. >> we'll see you again at 1


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